[aprssig] EMERGENCY test...

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Fri Aug 8 12:26:35 EDT 2014

Curt WE7U wrote...

> Saw an alert from your station this morning on Xastir here
> at work (internet-connected, not radio).

I sweated a bit before sending those tests, but thought that it was 
justified and useful as there had been more than one emergency beacon 
received from one station in a little over one week and the user was 
sure his D710 wasn't sending an emergency beacon.

> We may have a digi or fill-in in the area that is corrupting
> packets, as Lynn mentioned. I sometimes see emergency packets
> or RDF vectors appear on my map because of corrupted packets.

It is certainly a possibility that the beacons are being corrupted after 
transmission. There was a bogus position yesterday about the same time 
that would have placed VE7HMW-9 about 330 km south of his actual 
position. There's a lot of data to go through as it is transmitting at a 
fairly rapid rate and with a (sigh) four hop path, leading to lots of dupes.

73 Keith VE7GDH

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