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Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Oct 8 00:26:20 EDT 2013

I'd be willing to kick in a bit for that, if it could include some 
low-resolution icons, including monochrome - I'm already having to draw 
my own icons and I'm not very good at it.

I do know a couple of good graphic artists (including the one who made 
this spiffy APRS poster: 
http://www.argentdata.com/files/aprs_poster.pdf) but none that 
specialize in pixel art, which is probably what you want for icons this 


On 10/7/2013 6:06 PM, John Gorkos wrote:
> This might be a bit premature, but would there be any interest in 
> perhaps getting a "professional" artist to do a Creative Commons 
> licensed common icon set for APRS?  It seems to me we could probably 
> come up with something like $25-$50 per icon for an hour or so of 
> artist time, and use Kickstarter to fund it, or perhaps just have 
> interested parties pledge on a per-icon basis to get it done.  We 
> could start with the "basic" set of 30 or so icons (houses, cars, 
> jeeps, boats, scouts, etc) and if we have success with that, move on 
> with a second round.
> The results would be licensed under a Creative-Commons license, 
> something like CC-BY-SA or some such.
> Just a thought.   There's clearly a desire for a "good" icon set.  The 
> ones we're currently using are nice, but how cool would it be to have 
> something like 3D shaded models that are fully described and can be 
> either pre-rendered and loaded as Icons, or even rendered on the fly 
> at the appropriate angle/light source angle, with shadows, etc.
> I don't know of any artists that could do something like that, but I'm 
> betting either someone does, or we could find someone using that 
> Google thing...
> John Gorkos
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