[aprssig] Dirt Cheap USB WiFi Dongle

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
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How does the computer know these devices are to be found in the USB port rather than the usual wireless network port?
Do these come with the software needed to get the network connection to talk through the USB port?  Or is this something you configure in a setup process?

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I got one off Amazon a few weeks ago.  I used it to upgrade the wireless in an ancient PC laptop.
Performance has been flawless, and consistently 4-5X times the throughput of the original adapter.  



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<This device appeared in the latest email flyer I received this 
<morning from 
<*** Ultra-Mini USB Wireless Lan 802.11N Adapter - 1T1R (150Mbps)  ***
<$7.44 for a WiFi B/G/N dongle that sticks barely a 1/4-inch 
<out of a USB port. 
<  (It's packaged like those tiny dongles that come with 
<cordless mice, or 
<Bluetooth add-ons.) According to user feedback it works 
<plug-n-play with 
<Raspberry Pi, as well as regular PCs.
<Looks potentially useful for various APRS igate projects on 
<both regular PCs 
<(Windows/Linux) and Raspberry Pi.
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