[aprssig] Dirt Cheap USB WiFi Dongle

Alan wa4sca at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 15:26:18 EDT 2013

I got one off Amazon a few weeks ago.  I used it to upgrade the wireless in an ancient PC laptop.
Performance has been flawless, and consistently 4-5X times the throughput of the original adapter.  



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<This device appeared in the latest email flyer I received this 
<morning from 
<*** Ultra-Mini USB Wireless Lan 802.11N Adapter - 1T1R (150Mbps)  ***
<$7.44 for a WiFi B/G/N dongle that sticks barely a 1/4-inch 
<out of a USB port. 
<  (It's packaged like those tiny dongles that come with 
<cordless mice, or 
<Bluetooth add-ons.) According to user feedback it works 
<plug-n-play with 
<Raspberry Pi, as well as regular PCs.
<Looks potentially useful for various APRS igate projects on 
<both regular PCs 
<(Windows/Linux) and Raspberry Pi.
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