[aprssig] Msg reply path (for SSn-N)

Tony VE6MVP tony at ve6mvp.com
Sat Oct 5 21:38:25 EDT 2013

At 07:29 PM 2013-10-05, Stephen H. Smith wrote:

 >I misunderstood Bob's original proposal.   I thought he was suggesting
 >"hardwiring" the message response/ack mechanism to use a set fixed SSn-N.

Ahh, thanks.  I was wondering.  And my reply is not sarcastic.  I 
have missed some key concepts in the past so I'm always trying to understand.

 >That being said, how often does SSn-N actually get used?
 >Is it really useful for anything?
 >It would seem to me that probably the greater metro area on both sides of a
 >border have more in common with each other, than either side does with the
 >rural interior of their respective states/provinces.

My view, and it could be incompolete, is that SS7-7 is designed for 
ARES type of situation where your message must go more than 2 or 3 
hops.   Now even here in Alberta a big city is usually within 3 
hops.   But the provincial operations centre is about four or five 
hops from corners of Alberta.

So yes it's not used much, or hardly at all, but it is there and I 
feel it should be correctly implemented by the device/software 
operator if desired.

Besides I want to play with it and it's in the specs.  <smile>

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