[aprssig] "station which heard ... directly on the radio"

Kristoff Bonne kristoff.bonne at skypro.be
Thu May 23 02:20:09 EDT 2013

Hi Georg,

On 21-05-13 11:01, Georg Lukas wrote:

>> Well, althou these application where not written by me, I did take
>> the time to have a look at the source-code  of multimonNG. It seams
>> there is no code to add a '*' of the C-bit is set in the SSID part
>> of an address.
> I have made a patch to multimonNG that fixes its APRS behavior, by
> removing the "-0" SSID (which is compliant as of APRS101.pdf, but fails
> to trigger APRS-IS server dup checkers), and by adding a "*" for all
> digis with the H-bit set.


Don't get me wrong. It was not my goal to presure somebody into whatever 
action here.

This issue was just -for me- an "excuse" to delve into the protocol of 
APRS and learn a little bit more about it. :-)

> I am appending the patch to this email, and will try to get it into
> multimonNG upstream soon. If you want to test it, apply it to the source
> from http://github.com/EliasOenal/multimonNG and run "./multimonNG -A"
> (A for APRS).
I will give it a try in a couple of days. I currently have my RTLdongle 
in use for another applications.

> 73 from Germany,
Greetings from the Belgian coast.

> Georg DO1GL
Kristoff - ON1ARF

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