[aprssig] "round the world Solar Flight - Phoenix to Dallas Operators needed

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon May 20 15:45:57 EDT 2013

The flight from Phoenix to Dallas may occur as early as 21 May (Tuesday,
tomorrow).  If you are in RF range of the flight path, please consider
manually updating an APRS object on RF showing the current position (and
CSE/SPD) of the flight so those APRS mobiles along the way can get a look
at this marvelous plane.  Here is the Dallas web page:

Once the flight time is known, you'llbe able to monitor the flight on
their web page and use that data to inpout your local RF object.
Bob, WB4aPR

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Subject: "round the world Solar Flight - Operators needed

We need volunteers in Phoenix, Dallas and St Louis to maintain a track on
the flight of the Solar Impulse Solar powerd flight across America and
output that info live on RF along the flight path.  This is an exciting
flight.  A solar powered plane with the wingspan of a 747 but weighing no
more than a car.  Hams will want to see it if they are outdoors and
monitoring APRS.

APRS is not just slapping a GPS on something, it is about providing INFO
to your fellow  hams about exciting Ham or other special events in your

Just like keeping track of VIP's at a Race event, the task of APRS
operators is to maintain an OBJECT on the APRS map that conveys to
everyone in RF range all the relevant  information on that object.

So, we need APRS volunteers to help track this historic all-solar-powered
flight across America.  Here is the web page:

I cannot find on that web page any indication of when the SolarImpulse
leaves Phoenix, (problably a week or so) but we need to be ready.

NOTE!  We could do this centrally from one location if IGATE clients
implemented the ITEM-IN-MSG protocol.  This next phase of APRS has been
proposed in APRS1.2 for over 5 years now.  But I am not sure if any
clients have implemented it.  We need to get moving on this.  ITEM-in-MSG
is fundamental to a number of APRS initiatives to improve the ability to
convey info to others in real time.


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