[aprssig] "station which heard" - PyMultimonAPRS igate seriously buggy!

Kristoff Bonne kristoff.bonne at skypro.be
Mon May 20 08:34:24 EDT 2013

Hi Heikki,

On 20-05-13 10:14, Heikki Hannikainen wrote:
> Kristoff, I just noticed that the PyMultimonAPRS igate software is
> still seriously broken in another respect too: it is mangling packet
> contents too!
> I would strongly advice you and everyone else to not use
> PyMultimonAPRS at all until these bugs are fixed. Thanks!


Does APRS-IS have a validation platform? Is it possible for people who 
develop application to send the APRS-IS message to some (other) server 
so that they do not end up on the "production" platform but they can be 
verified if they are 100 % correct or not?

> - Hessu
kristoff - ON1ARF

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