[aprssig] Traking the Solar Impulse Flight across America

Dave Waterman davew at bak.rr.com
Fri May 3 17:35:54 EDT 2013

I wish I was able to upload the locations.  I not at a location where 
I can perform that service.  However, I did spot it when it was 
directly overhead here in Bakersfield.  What a magnificent site.

Dave - K6MAR

At 02:06 PM 5/3/2013, you wrote:
>Someone in LA must take over now.   Im' going home.
>The plane is in the Los Angeles RF area and will fly right over the city.
>Someone needs to put this object on local RF there, so all the Hams can be
>aware of it and see it.
>Just uplink it every time it changes course or every 10 minutes or so.
>APRS.FI dead reckons it so everyone can see where it is even though you
>only uplink every now and then. But the goal is RF for those actually
>outside to see it.   It is almost half way to Phoenix at 2 PM  California
>time so my guess is it will arrive in Phoenix around 2 AM phoenix time?
> > Here is the live web page. http://live.solarimpulse.com/
>Just look were it is on their map, then use APRS.FI to figure out the
>LAT/LONG and then use your APRS on RF to input a SOLAR1 object to show
>everyone on the road where it is.  Another way it to have a passenger keep
>an eye on it and try to drive your car under it!  Give your mobile the
>call of SOLAR1 and that also will work, though the parallax of keeping
>your car directly under it at 20,000 feet will be almost impossible.. ;-)
> > Im maintaining a live RF  object (from here in Maryland) but need APRS
> > hams in California to get the object on Local RF.
> >
> > This plane is the size of a 747 and is only going 45 knots at 20,000
> > Should be fun to watch, so need to get the object out on RF in its area.
> >
> > Do people want to sign up to be object maintainers?  This flight
> > acorss America will take days if not weeks.  We can do this.  Just
> > need people to be the object inputters (only one at a time to
> > avoid a mess on the APRS-IS).
> >
> > Bob, Wb4aPR
> >
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