[aprssig] Icom ID51 HT

John Zaruba Jr aa2bn at comcast.net
Wed Mar 27 21:31:53 EDT 2013

> Well I got the external TNC so that's no problem.  However if the local
> D-STAR repeater has software that allows for APRS-like packets to be sent
> via D-PRS, then TXing those packets shouldn't be a problem IF it's
> installed properly by the trustee of the repeater, control operator and/or
> the technical crew so therefore, I fail to see how "Kerchunking" the
> repeater would somehow be frowned upon since it wouldn't be detectable
> anyway & would be well within the norm

1. The repeater sends an acknowledgement beep with every received packet, random transmissions with no voice get annoying quick.

2. If the repeater is connected to a reflector you could be kerchunking dozens of repeaters around the world unnecessarily, definitely uncool.

3. You can also be kerchunking in the middle of a QSO, double plus ungood. Standard practice (in the NJ/PA/DE area) if you'd like to jump into a conversation is to "quick-key" (AKA kerchunk) and one of the participants will acknowledge you and invite you in. Are you going to apologize for the interruption or ignore the invite?

The considerate D-STAR user sets his GPS transmissions to PTT so the data is transmitted with a voice transmission. Muy bueno!


John Zaruba K2ZA
System Administrator and Trustee 
KC2TXX repeater

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