[aprssig] APRSdroid 1.2.3 released, with many improvements

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Mon Aug 19 13:10:55 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I am glad to announce that APRSdroid (APRS for Android) is now out in
version 1.2.3!

Short ChangeLog:
 * Many fixes in APRS parsing (KISS, 3rd party, objects/items, ACKs, Mic-E, ...)
 * SmartBeaconing: fix excessive flooding error, add preferences
 * Experimental Kenwood GPS port mode: http://aprsdroid.org/kenwood/
 * Bluetooth: fix Android 4.1 issues, TNC reconnection
 * Bluetooth: display RXed plain-text data
 * Notification / vibration when you get digipeated
 * AFSK: send with maximum volume
 * aprs.fi: link to station info, not map
 * OSM version: crash fixes, larger labels, map scale, file chooser for map

The most important improvements are many fixes in the APRS parser
when receiving AX.25 data from RF (thanks to John AB0OO for maintaining
javAPRSlib and Rob WX9O for providing me with a Bluetooth KISS modem
optimized for APRSdroid, which allowed to make these improvements).

I also finally fixed the SmartBeaconing bug that was causing excessive
flooding of the APRS (sorry folks). It turned out to be an "off-by-one"
error, where the beacon rate was approaching infinity when moving just
below the fast speed.

The Kenwood mode of operation is meant to use the Android device instead
of a fleet management capable navigation system - you can feed your
Android's GPS to the D7x0 and display APRS stations on the Android map
(provided the Kenwood emits them as waypoints).

The offline maps version (based on OSM, see http://aprsdroid.org/osm/ )
has got some fixes and polishing as well, and there is now a map of the
complete USA, which at 2.3GBytes fits comfortably on most SD cards:

http://aprsdroid.org/KS9N_USA_MAP_for_APRSDROID.torrent (torrent)

http://duenndns.de/KS9N%20USA%20MAP%20for%20APRSDROID/ (http)

You can download the new version of APRSdroid from Google Play, or get
the APK file here: http://aprsdroid.org/download/APRSdroid-1.2.3.apk

Next on my Agenda are two important elements:
 * iGate support (the APRS fixes were a prerequisite for that)
 * improved UI (supporting Android 4.x and Tablet devices)

I am also planning to start development of an iOs version, but this is
all plans and no action yet.

73 from Germany,

Georg DO1GL
APRSdroid - Open Source APRS Client for Android ++ http://aprsdroid.org/m
     ++ https://market.android.com/details?id=org.aprsdroid.app ++
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