[aprssig] Best format for a Repeater Item (350 bug)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Apr 25 08:20:28 EDT 2013

>> The proper format I'd suggest is:
>> )145.25sji!4833.53N/12307.05WrPHGxxx T131 R25m Net Tu 7pm mtg3rdT
>> This has all the fetures intented for this APRS functionality noted
>> Monitor the OBJECT using a D7 HT and you should see this display:

> Bob!  You forgot the most important part that was recently discovered!
> The Yaesu FTM-350 REQUIRES the frequency at the beginning of the

Yes, I was so sorry to hear that Yaesu failed to follow the FREQ spec, but
that does not mean we should break the entire FREQ spec for the last
decade due to a Yaesu bug.  All of the advantages of the FREQ objects come
from them appearing in the STATION list on mobile radios.  It makes no
sense to me to break that intentended system design due to a minor bug in
the 350.

Putting the FREQ in the OBJECT name as designed appears just fine and as
intended in the 350 and the 350 can also sort them too.   So all of the
original functionality of this FREQ system also works on the 350. The only
thing the 350 won't do correctly is the QSY button.

I use my 350 in one of our cars on travel, and enjoy the way the 350
flashes these FREQ objects on the display and how easy it is to sort the
LIST alphabeticallyl and see all the nearby repeaters right there on the
front panel display just as this system was designed.  In fact, it was 2
years before I noticed that the 350 QSY button would not work on them.

So I am strongly opposed to breaking this system just for the QSY button
in the FTM-350 when all the other advantages still work fine on the 350.

Bob, WB4aPR

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