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I've had excellent results using the Argent Data Radio Shield combined with
an Arduino to do custom packets.  The shield is $28 and requires simple
soldering assembly.  





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Put a TinyTrak4 port into TEXT mode and whatever comes in that port,
delimited by a <CR>, will be placed behind a TT4-generated header and
transmitted on RF.

Or you can use a KISS-mode TNC wherein you get to craft the entire AX.25
header, including path and used bits, as well as they payload.  The only
thing the TNC does for you in that mode is some required bit-stuffing and
generating the tones.

What's a "full resolution" GPS position anyway?

But if you're doing this on the national APRS frequency, or gating it to
APRS-IS, please ensure that your packets are aprs101.pdf compliant.  There
is a provision in there for experimental packet formats.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 9/7/2012 8:59 PM, Andrew Rich wrote:

Is there a device I can hook up a micro controller to send my own packet
format ?


I want to send full resolution GPS position, HDOP PDOP speed and heading and
NO SATS in view 


- Andrew -

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