[aprssig] APRS back on 145.825 via ISS!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Sep 8 01:29:55 EDT 2012

Just heard ISS back on APRS on 145.825.

Two students went outside with a D7 HT and sent themselves email using
APRS via ISS.  Came back inside and were amazed to see the Email in their
inbox already!

Now they understand APRS!

ISS is coming over in the afternoons now in the Northern Hemisphere.  Just
tune to 145.825 and every 90 minutes for several hours, you will hear it
for about 5 minutes each.

Do NOT operate unattended.  Nobody there likes to see unattended beacons.
But please join in with messaging to anyone you see there.

You can see all the activity on http://www.ariss.net
RIght now looks like more than 60 contacts in the last 14 hours...

Bob, Wb4APR
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