[aprssig] APRS for JOTA, Everywhere!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 19 10:23:48 EDT 2012

>> ANSRVR replaces the original CQSRVR because CQSRVR
>> ignores stations using tactical callsigns and therefor
>> impractical for general use where some stations may
>> have tactical calls.

> ANSRVR does NOT replace CQSRVR.  CQSRVR is for calling -CQ-
> to other amateur radio stations.  ANSRVR is for making
> -announcements- to a group.  For JOTA, where no one uses
> tactical callsigns to make global contacts, I recommend
> using CQSRVR which is better suited to calling CQ.

You are right, But how do we know who may or may not use tactical calls?

You are correct that all HF JOTA stations will definately only use their
FCC callsigns, but the APRS Tactical Operators at the same site using APRS
for a back-channel ham radio scout APRS demonstration from the scout sites
may not.  Some might use tactical calls for their council so that they
stand out on the map as actual JOTA stations and SCOUT demos instead of
just the normal SEA-OF-APRS callsigns on the map.  We just don't know...
some always will, and we should not fail them in their attempt to

Our APRS call this weekend might be 4RVRS for our 4 Rivers District.

The last few times we used CQSRVR for general national events, we failed
because any station using a tactical call got nothing... and we did not
know why until after the event.  The risk of failure or confusion using a
callsign exclusive system (CQSRVR) on APRS where tactical calls are used
quite frequently is just too high and too confusing.

Better to use one system that always works and we don't have to remember
when and under what circumstances CQSRVR will work or not work.  Of course
you could always fix this by letting CQSRVR handle tactical calls like all
other APRS systems.

If CQSRVR is going to fail when a message comes in from an APRS tactical
call station, at least it should respond with a message explaining why the
message failed, instead of just ignoring it and preventing communication
success by the sender.  But even then, the sender may not get the


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