[aprssig] APRS History comes true...

Jason Rausch jason at ke4nyv.com
Thu Nov 8 14:27:37 EST 2012

Don't forget, these devices can do two way NMEA as well:

OpenTracker 1+
Tracker2 (including Garmin binary)
Tracker3 (including Garmin binary)

Jason Rausch - KE4NYV
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--- On Thu, 11/8/12, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

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> Subject: [aprssig] APRS History comes true...
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> Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012, 12:52 PM
> Someone sent me this link to a page
> on the Nationwide (USA) UHF GPS Simple
> Calling Frequency
> http://www.aprs.net/vm/DOS/UHFFREQ.HTM
> But it is AMAZING to see that file I wrote about 15 years
> ago talking
> about "someday seeing everyone around you on your GPS
> display!"  This last
> line of the above page actually came true ten years ago when
> Kenwood came
> out with their APRS radios with GPS interfaces.  And
> now with the Kenwood
> D710 and D72, and the AVMAP display it is 100% a reality,
> including being
> able to TEXT message from the soft keyboard on the GPS!
> Also notice that back in 1998 when this was probably
> written, that we had
> not thought up APR Voice Alert which is a much easier way to
> make contact
> in the blind with other APRS users in simplex range using
> CTCSS 100 on
> 144.39.  Then, instead of moving to 146.52, it is
> better to QSY to 445.925
> to do the Voice chat so that you can still also see each
> others position
> still updating on .39.
> If you still don't understand APRS Voice Alert, please see:
> http://aprs.org/VoiceAlert3.html
> Bob, Wb4APR
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