[aprssig] APRS History comes true...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 8 12:52:27 EST 2012

Someone sent me this link to a page on the Nationwide (USA) UHF GPS Simple
Calling Frequency


But it is AMAZING to see that file I wrote about 15 years ago talking
about "someday seeing everyone around you on your GPS display!"  This last
line of the above page actually came true ten years ago when Kenwood came
out with their APRS radios with GPS interfaces.  And now with the Kenwood
D710 and D72, and the AVMAP display it is 100% a reality, including being
able to TEXT message from the soft keyboard on the GPS!

Also notice that back in 1998 when this was probably written, that we had
not thought up APR Voice Alert which is a much easier way to make contact
in the blind with other APRS users in simplex range using CTCSS 100 on
144.39.  Then, instead of moving to 146.52, it is better to QSY to 445.925
to do the Voice chat so that you can still also see each others position
still updating on .39.

If you still don't understand APRS Voice Alert, please see:

Bob, Wb4APR

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