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On 5/23/2011 6:53 PM, Alex Carver wrote:
> This isn't really an issue anymore (nor actually has it been for a while).  Most phones have a slot for a memory card (usually a MicroSD) and the in-phone camera can store photos to the memory card.  Pull the card out and plug it into a computer to get your files.
> I have a Motorola Razr with AT&T and can push and pull files from the phone either via a USB cable or a Bluetooth link.  I can even mount the MicroSD card while it's still in the phone.

The Verizon counterpart Razr was so locked down that you couldn't even save 
photos to the removable SD card.   I had to do a "SEEM edit" (i.e. hack 
individual bits of the phone's flash memory "BIOS") to enable writes to the 
flash card, USB uploads/downloads and tethering the phone to a PC to use as a 
wireless modem.

> The Droid by Motorola (Verizon) also has a MicroSD card slot and the user guide by Verizon shows how to upload and download various files including photos (and ringtones) over a USB or Bluetooth link (or just remove the card).  All of the Android based phones behave similarly.  Now the iPhone, I have no idea because that's a closed design.
> No hacking was necessary for either of the phones.
> _

And responding to the subsequent post in this thread:

You better look again at your so-called "unlimited data plans".   All the 
carriers are now doing away with unlimited plans.  New iPad accounts on both 
ATT and Verizon are now capped (limited).  Even previously, Verizon's so-called 
"unlimited plans" for smart phones and laptop "air cards" had undisclosed 
caps.  Now the caps are explicit and surprisingly low.

All the major cell carriers have been taken aback at the 50-100% annual growth 
in data use on their networks, and are now moving to sharply reduce monthly 
data consumption per subscriber.       All this talk about listening to radio 
all day or watching TV and streamed Netflix movies on smart phones is going to 
come to a screeching halt in the next year or so as capped data plans start to 

Even wireline DSL is being hit by this -- ATT, as of the begining of May, 
started imposing 150 GB caps on monthly DSL usage.     And they announced their 
intent to forcibly discontinue conventional DSL and force you to the more 
expensive "U-Verse" service when it becomes available in your area.  U-Verse 
data usage is capped at 250 GB/month, although that somehow doesn't apply to 
the digitized cable service they push through the same 
"FIOS-wannabe-only-over-twisted-pair-copper" service......



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