[aprssig] APRN news from Dayton!

Charlie Gallo Charlie at TheGallos.com
Mon May 23 23:29:02 EDT 2011

On 5/23/2011 Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> You better look again at your so-called "unlimited data plans".   All the
> carriers are now doing away with unlimited plans.  New iPad accounts on both
> ATT and Verizon are now capped (limited).  Even previously, Verizon's so-called
> "unlimited plans" for smart phones and laptop "air cards" had undisclosed
> caps.  Now the caps are explicit and surprisingly low.

Yeah, but I got lucky, and snuck in under the wire - still have an uncapped plan, then again, I don't go downloading ISOs and the like, so I don't rack up that much data - basically, if I'm near a wire, I use the wire

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