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A solution I'd recommend from experience is to load and use XP mode in your
Windows 7 equipped computers. This requires that the computers support
virtual technologies. That answer can be found in the BIOS settings of each
computer. Be sure to ENABLE support for virtual technologies if a selection
is offered. Next, search online for Microsoft's free XP mode and Virtual PC
downloads. Microsoft offers these as a solution for your problem. Virtual PC
must be loaded first, then XP MODE. Once properly loaded and deployed you
can actually launch your 32 bit XP compatible programs right from the
Windows 7 PROGRAMS list. Good luck.

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I need some help please.   We have 12 kits for deployment during events 
and emergency.
Some of the computers are failing and I have had to get 2 new ones.   
The original computers
run XP but the new ones run Windows 7.   I am having problems loading 
programs that are
32bit and I suspect that UI-View is probably 32 bit.  I need to load it 
on the new ones so
anyone have ideas of how to do that?

Thanks much


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