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John Langtry ve3nec at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 12 20:57:59 EST 2011

Hi Linda, (and all)

I ran into the same problem myself. One alternative within Windows 7
is to upgrade to "Professional" or above. Run Ui-View from within the
virtual machine.

My VM came on the DVD (Canuck version), so YMMV. Ui-View works great
inside the VM.

Please see :


vy 73 de John, VE3NEC

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I need some help please.   We have 12 kits for deployment during events 
and emergency.
Some of the computers are failing and I have had to get 2 new ones.   
The original computers
run XP but the new ones run Windows 7.   I am having problems loading 
programs that are
32bit and I suspect that UI-View is probably 32 bit.  I need to load it 
on the new ones so
anyone have ideas of how to do that?

Thanks much


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