[aprssig] Linking digipeaters

Randy Love rlove31 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 07:33:23 EST 2011

I had one of those.
It was the microTNC from the guys over in Greece that were working with
George, SV2AGW, of the AGWpe, AGWTracker fame.

I spent $250 for it 3 years ago at Dayton. I was a tracker, KISS mode tnc,
and had on-board gps and battery, and a built-in USB interface. But, the
battery would never take charge, even when following their directions to the
T, and it would be very flaky to set using either the configuration software
or the command line prompts, which the command line prompts would have been
easier to deal with *if* the commands had been documented somewhere.
Responses to repeated efforts to get support were abysmal if they where
answered at all.

That little thing has a slightly smaller form factor and similar case to the
OT+, but since I couldn't ever get the thing to take a charge ( wanted to
use it with an HT without having to have a power source for it ), it spends
it's time in a zip lock bag with its interface cable in a dark corner of my
operating desk as a reminder that sometimes you *don't* always get what you
pay for.

That's why Scott's stuff and support are top of the world in my book. Sure,
he may have production delays of weeks or even months, but by gosh, if you
need help with it, even if it means replacement, he's there for you.

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