[aprssig] FD ANSRVR Group

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jun 24 21:34:05 EDT 2011

> ... the differences between CQSRVR and ANSRVR as:

> Currently no minimum time between submissions to the group.
> ... makes ANSRVR particularly suited for distributing
> announcements (hence the name) to an interested group...

Everyone:  But please oh please do not use this feature for back and forth
dialog which will clobber the Global APRS system everywhwere that there are

The PROPER way to use CQSRVR and ANSRVR for FD is to simply make your one
periodic CQ message once every 30 minutes or so and then *ONLY* respond to
others via normal message once you see their callsign.  Your normal message
will only go to the receipeint as intended and NOT to the other hundreds of
other VHF LANS all across the country.  If you use this instant ANSRVR for
reply, y ou will SPAM hundreds of LANs all across the country.


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