[aprssig] -IS to RF Igating (was: APRS on Android)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jan 24 17:27:18 EST 2011

> APRSISCE/32 which currently only supports gating
> messages for recently heard local stations from 
> -IS to RF.  I do plan to implement filtered 
> additional gating with both burst (per minute) and
> sustained (per 10 minutes) throttle limits...

For what purpose? SPAM generator?
Maybe "filtered" is the operative word?

We need to avoid encouraging IGate ego-ops that the local channel needs to
be spewing out lots of packets from out of area to fill up some quota per

> Others will have to weigh in on what their 
> preferred IGate software supports as far as 
> additional -IS to RF IGate configurations and imits.

Though I do see the value in things like:
* A balloon event or other special event callsign from far away
* local favorite sons who travel a lot

I'd rather see that energy put into maintaining the local tactical picture
of everything LOCALLY in HAM RADIO going on.  One shouldn't have to bring in
outside QRM to fill the channel.  Within range of almost EVERY digi there
are these things going on:

1) APRS mobiles
3) Local Freq Objects (evy 10 min direct)
4) Local NETS on the air
5) Local Meetings (and topic)
6) Planned Hamfest objects
7) Special event future objects
8) An FM AMSAT in view every hour or so
9) The schedule of the next 80 minutes of AMSATS
10) Echolink or IRLP links that are up now
11) Traffic accidents and slow downs

And many of these should only go one hop. Max. in active areas.

Bob, Wb4APR

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