[aprssig] OpenAPRS for iPhone 2.3.1 Released

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jan 22 11:57:57 EST 2011

> ... I checked this morning, and the object was 
> being sent every hour as expected...

I am not following this thread, so ignore this comment if it is out of place, but APRS has two standard net-cycle times. 

These are 10 minutes for local DIRECT or special events and 30 minutes for regional or less dynamic situations.  The APRS spec established these standards so that users would have consistent expectations.  IN other words, 30 minutes of montiroing and  you should see EVERTYHING in the situation.

There is one other standard, and that is time-out of 80 minutes.  If a station has not been heard in 80 minutes (2 retries at the standard 30 minute rate, then it is no longer a participating net memeber.

FOr what it is worth.

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