[aprssig] UI-VIEW help (fixed)

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Fri Jan 21 19:23:29 EST 2011

Thanks Keith

It is now working and here are my findings

+ THD72A - HEADRLN ON / OFF makes no difference
+ Relaxed loacater check - makes no difference
+ Relaxed frame type check WAS the problem - needs to be ON

- Andrew VK4TEC -

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> Andrew VK4TEC wrote...
>> Trying to run an ISS SGATE here with UI-VIEW. I have
>> + APRS data in terminal window
>> + APRS data in the monitor window at the bottom of the main UI-VIEW 
>> screen
>> + Connected to APRS server
>> + Exclusions turned OFF
> If exclusions were turned on, it would only affect what was displayed
> on your own map. It doesn't "block" any data.
>> + IGATE.INI set to "gate all RF to INET"
> Normally, you do not want this turn on. By default, UI-View will gate only
> APRS packets, and does not gate digipeated packets that it had already 
> heard
> direct. If you turn it on, it will gate any non-APRS packets that it hears 
> as well,
> but hopefully there isn't much of that going on.
> With that said, looking at the help, it does go on to say...
>     This option is designed to be used when an IGATE is on a satellite
>     RF frequency. It is recommended that you do not select this option
>     for a normal IGATE.
> I'm not sure what "non APRS packets" it would be expecting from
> the ISS or whatever it was listening to. The help does kinda imply
> that it should be on for satellite use.
>> + Gate RF to Internet has "Open the gateway" and "Gate objects"
>> What is concerning me is that the IGATE traffic window show nothing ?
>> Even on the busy local APRS channel let alone ISS ?
>> It HAS worked - I have seen data in that window.
> What is the setup there? Any chance UI-View is set for KISS and the TNC
> isn't in KISS mode, or that UI-View is set for "host mode none" but that 
> the
> TNC is in KISS mode? Does the TNC have HEADERLN turned on? You
> could try turning "relaxed frame check" on in the miscellaneous settings 
> if
> it isn't already on.
> With that noted the help does say...
>     PLEASE NOTE - with any sort of normal TNC in terminal mode, or
>     if you use KISS, BPQ or AGWPE modes, you never need to use this
>     option.
>> I am struggling to understand what is stopping UI-VIEW from sending to 
>> the APRS IS ?
>> I log on, I am verified. it is like UI-VIEW is stopping RF to INET ?
> Maybe you are seeing "traffic" but it isn't formatted correctly due to a 
> setting
> in the TNC. See above. Is any of this "traffic" showing up on the map, or 
> is it
> just "missing" in the IGate traffic window?
> I'm sure there are lots of UI-View users on this list, but I would think 
> you
> would get more responses on the UI-View list.
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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