[aprssig] UI-VIEW help

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Fri Jan 21 19:03:00 EST 2011

Andrew VK4TEC wrote...

> Trying to run an ISS SGATE here with UI-VIEW. I have
> + APRS data in terminal window
> + APRS data in the monitor window at the bottom of the main UI-VIEW screen
> + Connected to APRS server
> + Exclusions turned OFF

If exclusions were turned on, it would only affect what was displayed
on your own map. It doesn't "block" any data.

> + IGATE.INI set to "gate all RF to INET"

Normally, you do not want this turn on. By default, UI-View will gate only
APRS packets, and does not gate digipeated packets that it had already heard
direct. If you turn it on, it will gate any non-APRS packets that it hears as well,
but hopefully there isn't much of that going on.

With that said, looking at the help, it does go on to say...

     This option is designed to be used when an IGATE is on a satellite
     RF frequency. It is recommended that you do not select this option
     for a normal IGATE.

I'm not sure what "non APRS packets" it would be expecting from
the ISS or whatever it was listening to. The help does kinda imply
that it should be on for satellite use.

> + Gate RF to Internet has "Open the gateway" and "Gate objects"
> What is concerning me is that the IGATE traffic window show nothing ?
> Even on the busy local APRS channel let alone ISS ?
> It HAS worked - I have seen data in that window.

What is the setup there? Any chance UI-View is set for KISS and the TNC
isn't in KISS mode, or that UI-View is set for "host mode none" but that the
TNC is in KISS mode? Does the TNC have HEADERLN turned on? You
could try turning "relaxed frame check" on in the miscellaneous settings if
it isn't already on.

With that noted the help does say...

     PLEASE NOTE - with any sort of normal TNC in terminal mode, or
     if you use KISS, BPQ or AGWPE modes, you never need to use this

> I am struggling to understand what is stopping UI-VIEW from sending to the 
> I log on, I am verified. it is like UI-VIEW is stopping RF to INET ?

Maybe you are seeing "traffic" but it isn't formatted correctly due to a setting
in the TNC. See above. Is any of this "traffic" showing up on the map, or is it
just "missing" in the IGate traffic window?

I'm sure there are lots of UI-View users on this list, but I would think you
would get more responses on the UI-View list.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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