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The wall wart designed to charge the battery only. The wall wart is a battery charger not a power supply.
It would cost a lot more to supply a full 2 amp power supply.
When external power is plugged it it disconnects the battery from the radio and charges the battery. It also supplies power to the radio, but the battery is still not connected. If a 2 amp power supply is used it will charge the battery and run the radio at full tx.
This is the way the engineer designed the system.
I do not use the wall warts. I use solar batteries or small 2 to 3 amp 12 volt switching supplies or my vehicle. Most of P.S come from swapmeets for a few $$.
I now have more than I need. Have not been able to sell any for a couple of years.

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> The D7 has a rather anemic (60mA?) wall wart - it can't even charge
> the battery if the receiver+TNC are on.
> Maybe the D72 has this same "feature"?

Yes, the supplied adapter is rated for .65A (er, 650mA) and the D7's 
BC-17 is .7A ... neither are good enough to TX while charging.


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