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> Question.
> My question is this: Why are we still so limited to computers for data input
> and monitoring with APRS when we have so many great technologies at our
> fingertips for pretty cheap.


I have two solutions for you that involve RF (the other is the iphone or
Android solution).

First, a Nuvi 350, an OpenTracker2, and a transceiver would get you
messaging using the touch-screen keyboard on the Nuvi.  Not the most
compact solution with three widgets, though you can get a 5w TX with the
OT2 combined to make it just two widgets - the OT2 w/ 5w transceiver and
the Nuvi, or for mobile, there's the OT2 that installs in the Alinco

The other is a Nokia N810 (discountinued).  I have one, though I managed
to kill the screen a little while back, rendering it useless.

Prior to that, it worked well, though.  It's a small handheld computer,
has a built-in GPS and a slide-out keyboard, and with USB host mode, I
hooked up a USB to Serial adapter and ran that to an OpenTracker and an

I used MaemoMapper on the N810.  In addition to mapping, tracking, and
other GPS related functions it also spoke APRS to both the serial
attached KISS TNC and via an Internet connection (wifi or cell-phone
tethered) to the APRS-IS - or both at the same time.

Pretty slick, right up until I dropped it face-first onto a table leg
while fumbling about with my kids at dinner one night..


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