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Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Fri Jan 14 19:28:40 EST 2011

One of the things that might be nice to have our gadget creators look at is a 
bluetooth audio capable TNC.  That would help allow hand held computing devices 
to be more portable.

Gregg Wonderly

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>> Question.
>> My question is this: Why are we still so limited to computers for data input
>> and monitoring with APRS when we have so many great technologies at our
>> fingertips for pretty cheap.
> John,
> I have two solutions for you that involve RF (the other is the iphone or
> Android solution).
> First, a Nuvi 350, an OpenTracker2, and a transceiver would get you
> messaging using the touch-screen keyboard on the Nuvi.  Not the most
> compact solution with three widgets, though you can get a 5w TX with the
> OT2 combined to make it just two widgets - the OT2 w/ 5w transceiver and
> the Nuvi, or for mobile, there's the OT2 that installs in the Alinco
> radio.
> The other is a Nokia N810 (discountinued).  I have one, though I managed
> to kill the screen a little while back, rendering it useless.
> Prior to that, it worked well, though.  It's a small handheld computer,
> has a built-in GPS and a slide-out keyboard, and with USB host mode, I
> hooked up a USB to Serial adapter and ran that to an OpenTracker and an
> HT.
> I used MaemoMapper on the N810.  In addition to mapping, tracking, and
> other GPS related functions it also spoke APRS to both the serial
> attached KISS TNC and via an Internet connection (wifi or cell-phone
> tethered) to the APRS-IS - or both at the same time.
> Pretty slick, right up until I dropped it face-first onto a table leg
> while fumbling about with my kids at dinner one night..
> -Tom
> ke7vux
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