[aprssig] Allstar VOIP systems?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 26 13:26:23 EST 2011

What is this ham radio VOIP system called ALLSTAR?
How is it different from IRLP or Echolink?

In a decade of trying, yet not being successful in seamlessly cross-connecting the end-to-end callsign connectivity of APRS with VOIP RF links, I am still looking for a marriage with VOIP somehow.  See www.aprs.org/avrs.html

Last night driving through NJ I heard a QSO talking about an RF-to-VOIP system called ALLSTAR?  What is this?  

For a decade we have not been successful in developing the AVRS engine to crossconnect end-to-end callsign signalling with end-to-end IRLP or Echolink (or Dstar).  A few dedicated people are still trying, but we are all working from the outside in.  We need to find someone within an amateur radio VOIP system to work with us from the inside out to use our END-USER APRS radios as the AUTOMATED TERMINAL EQUIPMENT and our APRS-IS to establish the calls, and their VOIP system to provide the end RF connection.

Does anyone know enought about this system (from their APRS mobile backgroun) that could comment on tis viability compared to our lack of progress with IRLP, Echolink or Dstar?


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