[aprssig] DIGI Crawler process

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 26 11:44:53 EST 2011

We need an automatic digi-crawler that can simply crunch the APRS-IS data, look for all digis, and then search AROUND every digi for the nearest FREQ, IRLP and or ECHOLINK and IGate or other assets.. 

It could even do this INTELLIGENTLY by assessing the PHG range of the digi, and only spit out a list of DIGIS that do NOT have any such FREQ, IRLP or Echolink objects within their PHG range (then check to see that the object was originated BY that digi.

Those are the digis that are providing NO USEFUL INFO to the local area.

Wait, it is even EASIER than that.  Simply parse the list of ALL digi callsigns, then bounce that against the SOURCE CALL of every OBJECT.  Every digi that is not sourcing at least ONE OBJECT is on the HIT LIST for FIXING LOCAL INFO.

A ONE HOUR SAMPLE of the APRS-IS should have 6 opportunities to capture EVERY thing needed.  ALl this info is supposed to be transmitted every 10 minutes direct.

Now of course, digis that are not in direct range of an IGate are UNIKNOWN, because their local simplex direct OBJECTS will not be picked up.  But we can address those by Exception, because the goal of aPRS is to have an IGate within ear shot of EVERY digi.

This crawler can also tabulate a list of all digis that are NOT HEARD DIRECT by an IGate.  This is the NO-IGATE hit list of digis.  This too is a project list as to where the ARRL Secion communicatiors need to encourage IGatges.


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