[aprssig] Help with repeater beacon

John Gorkos jgorkos at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 20:33:46 EST 2011

  This seems broken in the Kenwood implementation.  Basically, I'll have to 
double my transmit rate to get the appropriate information out there.  
Actually, I don't see any way to actually make this work unless I change my 
beacon callsign to "147.15NGA" and send a position packet that looks like 
147.15NGA>BEACON,WIDE2-1:111111z3414.21N/08409.60Wr147.150MHz T143 R60m 
NET2000TU Cumming,GA de AB0OO
Am I misunderstanding this?  It's highly likely...

On Wednesday, February 16, 2011 20:16:09 Guido Trentalancia wrote:
> Hello John !
> On Wed, 16/02/2011 at 17.37 -0500, John Gorkos wrote:
> > We're having some problems with the "TUNE" function of D710s and D72s in
> > the Atl area.
> > 
> > I'm beaconing the following text from my Tx/Igate:
> > ;147.15NGA*111111z3414.21N/08409.60WrT143 R60m NET2000TU Cumming,GA
> > which seems to match, per character, what's on the localinfo.html page:
> > ;FFF.FFxyz*111111zDDMM.hhN/DDDMM.hhWrTnnn RXXm NETxxxxxx MTGxxxxx
> > .........
> Appears consistent with the specification for Frequency Objects.
> The best specification, you can find it here:
> http://webster-new.dmz.usna.edu/Users/aero/bruninga/aprs/freqspec.txt
> > We can see the objects show up correctly in the station list of the 710s
> > and 72s, but no amount of pushing the "tune" button does the trick. 
> > Meanwhile, tune DOES work for stations that include their freq in their
> > status text:
> > KD4UYP-9>S3UV8R,WIDE1-1*,WIDE2-1,qAR,AB0OO-1:`oQhn*uk/]"72}147.075MHz=
> Yes, this is consistent with what is implemented in the Kenwood TM-D710.
> They have implemented what they call "QSY Function". And that works with
> frequency information embedded in "the first 10 bytes of the existing
> free-field position comment text or STATUS field".
> So, if you want to tune, you have to send out beacons that report the
> frequency as specified in the document mentioned above according to the
> paragraph "APRS Frequency Formats" and not the paragraph "Frequency
> Objects".
> As a start, you can try:
> >147.15 MHz T143 R60m And here you can write that it's in Cumming,GA
> but that won't create an object for you. So it's two different features,
> but you can use both of them if needed.
> 73,
> Guido IZ6RDB

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