[aprssig] !x! (was: IS-to-RF proposal (rev b))

la3qma at aprs.la la3qma at aprs.la
Fri Dec 30 11:40:55 EST 2011

Quoting "Steve Dimse" <steve at dimse.com>:

> A quick check of LB9KE-7 shows aprs.fi ignores it and APRSWorld   
> respects it (the latter has a posit from Dec 6 that did not include   
> !x!). That aprs.fi never got called on it shows just how few people   
> care.

But where should the packet be dropped? By the IGATE and/or by the APRS-IS?
Because if it's the APRS-IS then APRS.FI is not the "bad guy" here.

Then we have to look on APRX wich is used by the IGATE receiving LB9KE-7

Kai Gunter

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