[aprssig] IS-to-RF packet Weighting

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Dec 29 07:59:18 EST 2011

> The ONLY path allowed by Internet-connected clients is TCPIP*.  
> Period.  End of story.  You may not like it; you may think it 
> should be different; that doesn't matter.  It is what it is.  
> Anything else is assumed invalid and may not be passed as-is or, worse,

That still does not provide detail impacts.  Which is critical to see where
we can go from here.  We need to understand where in the present
implementations, this restriction has consequences.

The answer "invalid" is a good result.  If the packet is considered
"invalid" by existing code, then that is a good result.  It can cause no
damage.  I'm not looking for something that works with old code.  I'm
looking for something that will be ignored by old code but allow us to move
forward with new code.

The answer "may not be passed as is", is also good.  If this new packet
proposal is "not passed as is", then that is a good legitimate fail-safe
result for a new packet in old code too.  We are not trying to make the new
packet work with old code, we are trying to make a new packet that can work
with new code.

Now the "or worse, misinterpreted" is a legitimate concern.  So lets explore
that and find out what that means exactly.  

Until we find out exactly what (if any) issues might result, we are not
really making progress.

Just trying to find the real edge of the envelope...


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> Understood.  But anything that can find "TCPIP*" only, should also be able
> to find "TCPIP*" with something following.  Since this anti-loop detection
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