[aprssig] MGATES for IS-Mobiles

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 28 08:25:35 EST 2011

I see a disconnect here...

> Unfortunately, Bob is very wrong in his statement below.
> Bob said: [Ham radio is the people and the communications, not the

> HAM radio is hardware associated with specific licensed 
> frequencies.  Pure and Simple.

OK, if that is true, then how can you follow that with your next paragraph
that is completely about the people and their "participation, Training,

> And, due to all the changes in Emergency Response, ARES, 
> and other services that were brought about (to the worse) 
> by 9/11, anyone who hasn't taken the time to participate 
> in all the required training and hasn't become part of
> an established team will be IGNORED during an emergency.   

Seems to me, we are agreeing.  That it is not what radio or hardware they
own, it is what they do with it, and what service they provide that counts.
And it is their ability then to use whatever tools they may have to
participate that adds to their value.

And I think that giving trained, responsible IGate operators the tool to
allow responsible mobile wireless hams to communicate with their local RF
surroundings is a good tool to have.


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HAM radio is the people, not the hardware.  It's the people that contribute
to the tactical situation, emergency response, helpful info, etc.  It is not
the particular hardware.  If there is a HAM mobile nearby even with only
wireless access, he is still a HAM and still a potential player in the local
Ham Radio situation.

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