[aprssig] MGATES for IS-Mobiles

David Flood davidf4 at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 28 00:03:02 EST 2011

Unfortunately, Bob is very wrong in his statement below.

HAM radio is hardware associated with specific licensed frequencies.  Pure
and Simple.

And, due to all the changes in Emergency Response, ARES, and other services
that were brought about (to the worse) by 9/11, anyone who hasn't taken the
time to participate in all the required training and hasn't become part of
an established team will be IGNORED during an emergency.   So they aren't
part of the "tactical situation, emergency response, helpful info, etc".
The "Emergent Ham" is long dead and buried.

And, with the current civilian response to most emergencies being "stop,
drop, and dial", must cellular networks get totaled within 30 seconds of an
emergency happening.

As for gating TCP to RF, take a look back about two or so years ago when a
small group up here in the Pacific Northwest decided to jam 144.39 by gating
100% of the then APRS-IS...for two days the entire area had zero mobile
tactical information due to the jamming.  Eventually they were convinced to
go play on their own frequency and they seem happy to do so.

So if someone feels that the APRS-IS needs to be gated to RF, please pick
another frequency first, try it out, and see what kind of garbage occurs.
Then, after the millionth or so revision you can come back and suggest it
again after the bugs are worked out.


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HAM radio is the people, not the hardware.  It's the people that contribute
to the tactical situation, emergency response, helpful info, etc.  It is not
the particular hardware.  If there is a HAM mobile nearby even with only
wireless access, he is still a HAM and still a potential player in the local
Ham Radio situation. 

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