[aprssig] Why Not "Gate in Vicinity" (phones)

Andre aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Mon Dec 26 15:50:55 EST 2011

Op 26-12-2011 21:33, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) schreef:
> On 12/26/2011 3:03 PM, Andre wrote:
>> I would agree but there is already a way around it, for aplications 
>> like this a axudp based network instead of a text based network does 
>> work, the igate just acts like a xband digipeater, they all connect 
>> to one or more others just like on aprs-is and dupechecking keeps the 
>> chaos under controll, digipeaters can digipeat unaltered paths 
>> without setting has been digied bits back to other gate digipeaters 
>> and only digipeats to 2 meter where the next digicall is theirs.
>> The clients for this system will just have to select the nearest 
>> digipeater for the path.
> So under this proposal, with my APRS-UDP-enabled cellphone client 
> configured for my "home" digipeater, when I travel across the 
> continent all of my posits will traverse the Internet and come out via 
> my home stomping ground's RF and I'm still not heard in my "local" 
> area when travelling?
> Unless, of course, I reconfigure the digipeater I'm using to a local 
> one...
> And then when I return home having forgotten my re-configuration, my 
> packets will be burping out on someone else's RF even though I'm no 
> longer anywhere near there?
> Or did I completely misunderstand how this new APRS-IS-replacement 
> network would function?
> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
It looks like you did, I'm not proposing that the user programs a local 
digipeater but let the software handle it, the phone client knows it's 
location and it knows the location of the digipeaters so all it needs to 
do is pick the closest one.

73 Andre PE1RDW

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