[aprssig] Why Not "Gate in Vicinity"

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 26 12:32:47 EST 2011

> Of course an igate operator has to decide 
> how much traffic he is going to allow to pass 
> from IS to RF. It is his direct responsibility 
> after all.

I haved not been following this, but I dont like what I am seeing.  The only packets that go from IS to RF are:

1) Messages addressed to someone in RF range
2) ACKS back to someone in RF range
3) A courtesy position for the distant station when such messages are passed.

Any other release of SPAM from the IS to RF in an area on the APRS channel is considered bad practice (generally).  Because anywhere that exceptiosn have been allowed, the result is a degradation of the local channel by unwanted out-of-area SPAM that blocks local RF traffic.  It only takes one un-informed Igate operator to spoil an area and make APRS virtually useless for the RF users.

Exceptions of course are allowed at the discretion of the IGate operator, but unfortunately, since just about anyone can be an IGate operator and without full understanding of what he is doing, can destroy local APRS RF channels.

Of course the one exception is when the SPAM is injected onto a local UHF channel separate fromt he APRS national input channel.  THen he can trash that channel all he wants.

>I am designing my application with the idea in mind that anything it
>generates will land on RF. Except from a bug (which initiated this
>lengthy discussion) I have not seen evidence for misbehaviour or even
>abuse. Why should people start abusing APRS-IS just because somebody is
>forwarding their packets to RF?
>> It also risks not gating to RF things that should be such as proper
>> messaging with associated posits.
>I also suggested using separate limits for messages and other packet
>types per callsign, thus preventing the issue you outlined.
>Of course it is clear to me that reverse iGating is complicated.
>outlines all the little and big problems already. My point is to have a
>discussion resulting in either a software which is easy to configure or
>at least sensible guidelines to make life for iGate ops easier.
>> Hope this helps.
>73, Georg DO1GL
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