[aprssig] Why Not "Gate in Vicinity"

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Mon Dec 26 12:23:45 EST 2011

* Pete Loveall AE5PL Lists <hamlists at ametx.com> [2011-12-26 18:04]:
> The difference is simple: messaging is communicating, beaconing is
> not.

Both is communicating, even if the message of the latter is only
"here I am [and you can contact me on this QRG]".

> Unfortunately, as previously stated, any changes to authentication or
> transport immediately disenfranchises thousands of hams using software
> which cannot be updated.

Thus I suggested implementing a new protocol _and_ a proxy software to
allow old applications to be used in a secure way. Please read up :)

> APRS is an imperfect protocol from the standpoint that there are a lot
> of "grey" areas.

At least we seem to agree on the fact that APRS-IS as it is now can be
improved upon.

> What you want is the IGate authors to make judgment calls on what is
> and is not valid to gate to RF (that is what throttling is) and
> therefore encourage abuse on APRS-IS as well (not everyone that is
> connected to APRS-IS has unlimited bandwidth for free).

Of course an igate operator has to decide how much traffic he is going
to allow to pass from IS to RF. It is his direct responsibility after

I am designing my application with the idea in mind that anything it
generates will land on RF. Except from a bug (which initiated this
lengthy discussion) I have not seen evidence for misbehaviour or even
abuse. Why should people start abusing APRS-IS just because somebody is
forwarding their packets to RF?

> It also risks not gating to RF things that should be such as proper
> messaging with associated posits.

I also suggested using separate limits for messages and other packet
types per callsign, thus preventing the issue you outlined.

Of course it is clear to me that reverse iGating is complicated.

outlines all the little and big problems already. My point is to have a
discussion resulting in either a software which is easy to configure or
at least sensible guidelines to make life for iGate ops easier.

> Hope this helps.

73, Georg DO1GL
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