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Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sun Dec 11 17:06:26 EST 2011

On 12/11/2011 1:15 PM, David Sprangers wrote:
> I am looking for some guidance on how to integrate SSTV into my Kenwood 
> TM-700A and APRS. Is intergrading SSTV as simple as hooking up the SSTV CAM 
> Slow-Scan TV module from Argent Data to the 6-pin mini din connector on the 
> TM-700A?Do I use the same APRS frequency (144.390) or does this traffic 
> belong on a different frequency?

DEFINITELY ON ANOTHER (normally voice) frequency.  SSTV transmissions take 
anywhere from 36 seconds to 2 minutes or more -- defintely NOT something you 
want on 144.39!
> What software would I need on base station at home to capture the data and 
> image from APRS\SSTV? I would I use UI-View and MMSSTV?

> Is there system available that allows APRS/SSTV data to be viewed on another 
> Kenwood TM-700A or even a Yeast VX-8R?

A laptop computer running any standard soundcard SSTV software such as mmSSTV, 
ChromaPix, MixW, etc with it's sound system input and output connected to the 
6-pin mini-DIN jack,  or the mike and speaker jacks.

An ideal platform for this is an inexpensive light-weight "Netbook" PC.   These 
mini-laptop machines that are actual standard Windows PCs that run normal 
Windows software,  are now out-of-fashion in the mass retail market due to the 
overwhelming impact of the iPad and other tablets.

Netbooks are now often available for under $225 from online sources like 
newegg.com or tigerdiect.com.       These machines which will run for 4-6 hours 
on their internal batteries (or that consume less than 10 watts from an 
external source) always include a webcam which can be used for ORIGINATING live 
SSTV images, as well as receiving pics from others.



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