[aprssig] Combined APRS 1.1 document legalities

Bob Burns W9RXR w9rxr_ at rlburns.net
Fri Dec 9 07:37:54 EST 2011

At 01:38 AM 12/9/2011, Rick Widmer wrote:

>Unfortunately after getting it all put together, and nicely 
>formatted in Microsoft Word I tried to generate a .PDF file.  After 
>about 6 hours of thrashing on my hard drive Word failed.  Reboot and 
>try again with the same results.
>A web search tells me that this is a known problem, and there is 
>little recourse with the Microsoft and Adobe tools, but suggested 
>Open Office as a solution.

Assuming that you are operating in a Windows environment, download a 
free program called CutePDF. It will install itself as a print driver 
that any Windows program will see as just another printer. When you 
print to CutePDF, it generates an Adobe-compliant .PDF file that 
looks just like you had printed to paper.


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