[aprssig] Combined APRS 1.1 document legalities

Rick Widmer yahoo at rickwidmer.com
Fri Dec 9 01:38:32 EST 2011

Most of the hard work is done, now I need to look at the legalities. 
Right now the only work I've done is collect existing documents into one 

There is almost no original writing in my document, it is all copied 
from the web.  As it stands it is the original APRS101.pdf, the web page 
http://aprs.org/aprs11.html, every page referred to in that web page, 
and all the pages they link to.

When I started I was worried about the number of outside web sites I 
would have to obtain permission to use their content.  As it turns out I 
only need permission from Bob WB4APR and Stephen wa8lmf before I can 
make the file available.  I have sent copies to them as well as this list.

Once I have permission to publish this file, I'll put a copy up on a web 
server and let people take a look and comment.  I know there is more to 
do, but I would like to hear from others before I continue.

I don't recall exactly how long ago I mentioned this document on the 
list, but it is finally assembled.  Unfortunately after getting it all 
put together, and nicely formatted in Microsoft Word I tried to generate 
a .PDF file.  After about 6 hours of thrashing on my hard drive Word 
failed.  Reboot and try again with the same results.

A web search tells me that this is a known problem, and there is little 
recourse with the Microsoft and Adobe tools, but suggested Open Office 
as a solution.

That will create the .PDF file in about ten minutes, but I lose all of 
my outline, contents and index work.   At least the intra-document 
hyperlinks still work.

I've replaced the table of contents entries, and created bookmarks to 
simulate the outline, so it is nearly as nice as it was in Word.

Rick   KD7VKZ

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