[aprssig] Curious about bogus packets on Findu

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Sep 30 17:08:33 EDT 2010

  On 9/30/2010 1:47 PM, Steve Noskowicz wrote:
> Perhaps it's time for a reset-&-reload-fest.  Hmmm...I never had to replace the battery either...
> Steve, K9DCI

Again, I have found that one can recover from lockups and generally flaky 
behavior in D700s by using the "VFO Reset" function.   In the menu system, 
select "Radio, Aux, Reset, VFO Reset" .  You DON'T lose anything stored in 
frequency memories or in PM memories, but it does re-initialize the 
processor.     Just do the VFO reset and then load a PM to restore normal 
operation in just seconds.      I've done it many many times to recover from 
laptop-crash-induced or USB<-->serial-dongle-induced  lockups on the Interstate 
at 70 MPH!

Another 700 bug (is there any end to them????) I have observed that creates 
hyper-jumps is switching to standalone "APRS" operation after several hours 
(and hundreds of miles) of operation in "PACKET" mode with a computer.   
(Running with UIview mobile, the radio's internal beaconing is disabled; posits 
are formatted and set to the radio by UIview itself.)

Apparently the D700 caches the last GPS value transmitted during standalone 
operation.  When you exit the computer/Packet mode, the first beacon in APRS 
mode will the location where APRS mode was previously stopped; i.e. hundreds of 
miles behind you!       Cycling the radio off and then back on (or reloading a 
PM) clears this, but it will create a hyper-jump on findu. On the other hand, 
APRS.fi, with it's rejection of outlandish posits, is unaffected by this bug.



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