[aprssig] Impending HF APRS Mobile Experiments On 30 Meters 12 & 13 Sept

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sun Sep 5 19:06:40 EDT 2010

  If all goes according to plan, a week from today, I will be setting out from 
my home QTH in Pasadena (southern Calif) on the way to Redding (far northern 
Calif).  This is to do a presentation on APRS to the Redding area ARES Monday 

I will be stopping at a friend's place in Sacramento (central CA) on Sunday 
night (12 Sept) before continuing onward to Redding on Monday (13 Sept).


APRS Messenger is a freeware sound card application, developed by G4HYG,  that 
combines APRS with PSK63.  Details on downloading and installing it are on my 
website at:


I will be running Messenger on 30 meter PSK63 and GMSK250 as an HF tracker on 
10.149.700 MHz for most of the trip. (This frequency is now the international 
calling frequency for PSK-based APRS on 30 meters.)


I will also be running my TigerTrack on 30M classic AX.25 packet at the same 
time, from the same radio and antenna.

[Mark/Space freqs for classic HF packet APRS on 30 meters are  
10.149.200/10.149.400 . Note that these are the actual RF frequencies in 
question. The frequency shown on your SSB transceiver's display will be 
different depending on the AUDIO tones your software or TNC devices respond to.]

This should be an interesting opportunity for other stations to compare the 
effectiveness of AX.25 FSK again the newer sound card modes.

My call on PSK/MFSK is WA8LMF-63.  The call on the TigerTrak is WA8LMF-2. I 
will also be running the normal two-meter APRS on 144.39 with the call WA8LMF 
(no SSID)    The beacons from the WA8LMF-2 30meter rig have the comment field 
"TigerTrak 30M HF" to distinguish from the VHF ones that say "Mobile SSTV 

These are all tied into a mobile laptop running UI-View and/or APRSpoint, so I 
will have the capability to receive and send live messages.

Later on this month, I will be on a vacation trip from Los Angeles, up the 
coast to Big Sur, then across CA west to east to Yosemite National Park, over 
the top of the Sierras to Lee Vining, and then down Rt 395 on the far eastern 
side of the Sierra Nevadas back to L.A.

Along both the central CA coast and on Rt 395 there are many many miles with no 
two-meter APRS coverage at all.   This should be a real test for HF!      This 
trip will take place over the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of September.



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