[aprssig] Digital repeater Objects

Randy Love rlove31 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 08:09:52 EDT 2010

What we use here is an old trick from the repeater CW ID only days. We use
the 3 letter id for the nearest airport. This unfortunately doesn't work for
all frequencies ( some are too long ), but look at 146.90PTK and 147.18MTC
for examples. These are up here in metro Detroit area. Back in Arkansas, in
the days before the internet, you could always go to a local airfield and
find the surrounding airfield Id's on the airnav charts. For years, we had a
repeater that ID'd  with /FYV for Fayetteville AR since FAY was given to
Fayetteville NC.

We still ID the local 2 and 440 machines in Pontiac as W8OAK/R PTK
A lot of people that do happen to take the time to copy the id go, "Hey, I
understand that RPT means a repeater, but why the 'K'?"  I tell them to
listen again and notice the space between the R and P... then, it usually
clicks that PTK is Oakland County ( Pontiac ) International Airport.. :)

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