[aprssig] APRN status?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Mar 26 14:34:39 EDT 2010

> Why SSTV? Why not just a 500mW- 910Mhz TXR and a $17 board camera from 
> Hong Kong?
> They carry 420, 480, 520 line board cameras, and all operate off of 12v.

It might be fun, but I'm not sure about the range, and in this case it'd 
mean a second power system, second antenna, and probably a separate 
housing to get some RF isolation.  SSTV will cost me $30 in parts, 
should work at longer range, and gives me the satisfaction of having 
built it myself and crammed that much more into a < 6 oz package.

> Just would need high gain antennas w/az&el to track it. But you already 
> have the Lat/Lon/alt so shouldn't be too hard?

I just need the az/el system and antennas!  If anyone has a used G-5500 
or something similar they want to sell, let me know.  I'll come get it 
anywhere between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The G-5500 computer interface is ridiculously overpriced.  Looks like it 
shouldn't need more than $10 in parts - a couple of A/D inputs, and 4 
MOSFETs for the switches.  I could do that with the USB DAQ thing I just 
got from NI, but I'd rather have a standalone system that can take 
serial commands or autonomously track an APRS station.


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