[aprssig] [APRS] Re: How do I create APRS Object for local repeater frequency????

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Apr 23 12:14:30 EDT 2010

Dual posted to APRSSSIG as a reminder...

> Correct me if I am wrong.... the local wide coverage digi 
> here at 1,300ft needs to have me send it some information 
> about an object I wish to have it send out?

Ah, sort of. The data needs to be programmed into the TNC of
that digipeater at that site (or via remote sysop mode by the
owner)..  Sometimes that is hard to do because 1) sometimes it
is hard to find the owner, 2) sometimes the owner doesn't care,
or 3)sometimes the owner disagrees, or 4) he is already using
the  3 available local-object slots for something else.  But
from what I see of your area, most of the digis could use some
re-tweaking of the parameters to be in line with current New-N

> So once the digi [sysop] has the coordinates and txt 
> I want for the object it will then start beaconing 
> that objects information out periodically to alert 
> users in range of the digi that there 
> is a voice repeater on 442.075 with a positive offset 
> requiring a 114.8hz tone located in apex,nc at 1,200ft at the 
> specified lat & long. 

Yes,  You can help the SYSOP by preparing the exact text of the
beacon in OBJECT format so that all he has to do is to type it
into either the BTEXT or into one of the LTEXTS.
It also requires setting the BERACON EVERY command or the BLT
command to 10 minutes and it also requires the UNPROTO PATH or
the LTP for that LTEXT to be set to "APN382" (no VIAS) so that
it goes direct.  These objects should NEVER be digipeated from
another digi.  They should only be sent direct.  The "382" is
the version number of the TNC.

> I will only have to send this to the digi once 
> and then the digi will take it from there until told not to?

You have to send it to the DIGI SYSOP and convince him to add it
to his digi's TNC.  In some cases this takes "once" in some
cases weeks, or years, and in some cases we have to wait for the
SYSOP to die first before someone can get to the site and change

> As it is now I am sending out this object over rf 
> from my station which has it's path set to 
> kd4pbs-3,wide2-1. which is the wide coverage digi 
> in the Raleigh,NC area.

Great initiative, but with three important comments:

1) that path is abusvie to the network and the intent of these
objects.  It is going 2 hops in all directions via KD4PBS-3 and
the second hop violates every intention of these objects.  That
second hop is SPAM into areas of other digipeaters where there
is no chance that someone can hit that voice repeater.  The goal
is to ONLY hit the area where the voice repeater can actually be
used.  Anything else is SPAM and collides with other users of
the channel.

2) It is good that you are doing your own object on an interim
basis, but it is imperative that you initiate the process to get
the  local digi SYSOP to take it over and put it in his DIGI's
TNC.  And while you are at it, convince him to make his settings
in accordance with the New-N paradigm (since 2004)  It has been
6 years and all the world has upgraded to these settings, so we
need to get those SYSOPS in NC to catch up and tweak their local

3) Once your receommended voice frequency object is in the digi
and being served from there, then you should remove it from
your home station to minimize channel congestion.

4) Finally EVERYONE in the APRS community in that local area,
including the SYSOP of the digi serving this object should agree
that whatever objects are being put out from the digi, are in
fact, the consensus of the community as what is best for the
travler to see on his radio in that area.  We do not want
unused, nobody-home voice repeaters being advertized  in the
only 3 avaailable slots when other more important voice
repeaters used by travelers are not.  On the other hand, any
KPC3 digipeater can originate up to 3 objects without adding any
load to the channel, so the groups should determine what those 3
objects should be for maximum benefit to travelers.

For proper format of the OBEJCT see www.aprs.org/localinfo.html

For proper DIGI setup see www.aprs.org/fix14439.html

Good luck
Bob, Wb4APR

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