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David Dobbins ddobbins at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 09:05:53 EDT 2010

Hi Lynn. Yes, the nwaprssig reflector is open and as already said, check the
http://nwaprs.info web page for the link to join that one. We'd be glad to
have you and anyone else on the aprssig join us.

Since one of your posts a couple weeks ago I have dl aprsisce and have it
running on my netbook which is usually what I take when travelling. For
internet access I use either wi-fi or my Blackberry Tether. I too would like
to see an app for the Blackberry (Storm). The idea you suggest below re RF
awareness in a local area is a good one, and I'd like to see further
development of this.

If your application resembled Google Maps Latitude that I have on my Storm
and PC, but integrated that APRS-IS data for the local area, w/o having to
go thru the "add friend" routine, it would be way cool. Scott (N7FSP),
mentioned from my big message, and I routinely follow each other's location
with Latitude, although Scott does need to remind me to update my position
fairly often "your position is stale", then I quickly cycle to GMaps for a
current position. If a one-line capability was built into this as well it
would be a good feature. Right now this aspect of our fun w/GMaps requires
those messages to go by SMS.

I do plan on having a presentation of the APRS capabilities of iPhone/iPad,
Droid, WMobile, and whatever else is out there for the web-phones at our
NWAPRS annual Summer Gathering Sept 10-12 at Valley Camp in North Bend, WA,
about 30 miles east of Seattle. It's a weekend full of APRS activities,
food, and fun. More info can be found on our website. If you're in the

David K7GPS

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> From: "Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr)" <ldeffenb at homeside.to>
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> I've been thinking on a completely different but related question and
> have a possible suggestion to throw out on the table, but first...
> You mentioned a discussion on "the nwaprssig reflector".  Is this an
> open forum, and if so, where can I join?
> With the recent proliferation of Windows Mobile (APRSISCE), iPhone
> (iBCNU), Andoid (APRSdroid.org), and (hopefully soon) BlackBerry APRS-IS
> clients with internal tracking ability, I've been wanting RF awareness
> when one of these devices drives through my local area.  I'm considering
> adding an automatic "throttled" IGate capability to APRSIS32 that would
> detect APRS-IS-only devices, not heard on RF, within a configurable
> radius of the IGate which would then gate position beacons from -IS to
> RF at a configurable (and SLOW) rate with a very reduced path, just to
> have the RF environment become aware of the other stations in the area.
> This same approach might work for cross-band digipeating between your
> various frequencies.
> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
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