[aprssig] Dayton Travel Day

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Apr 19 08:25:21 EDT 2010

Dayton Travel day approaches!

Every local area within a day's drive of Dayton should make sure
their APRS local digi is putting out their local freq object for
travelers.  Please see www.aprs.org/localinfo.html If you don't
check your own local area, who will?

Simply turn your APRS mobile radio on, wait 10 minutes, and the
local recommended VOICE frequency should show up.  If it
doesn't, then organize your locals to get it on there.
There is nothing more fun than driving to dayton and TALKING to
other APRS ops along the way...

Bob, WB4APR 

> -----Original Message-----
> I would like to xmit via RF our local UHF repeater as an
> How do I go about transmitting the object from my APRS 
> Station via RF.  I want local stations traveling through to 
> see that object on their radio so that they are aware of our 
> repeater and its coverage and tone requirement.
> I am versed in sending messages on APRS and see other people 
> transmitting objects over RF but I am not sure what method is 
> used to send the object.  I know how to send a message but 
> have no idea what I use to send the object out.   I have APRS 
> at home and mobile and both are RF with the one at home 
> having internet access. 
> I am not interested in creating an object on my computer and 
> having it show up on other pc running UIVIEW.  I am 
> interested in making sure mobiles receive this via RF on 
> their APRS device in the vehicle. If a by product of this is 
> that it will also get gated to the internet that is fine.
> Thanks,
> Sam Cederas
> K4OC
> Cary,N.C.

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